“Pro Lifers Are Anti Women” and Other Logical Fallacies: a rebuttal to common pro choice arguments

This week there was an unlawful leak to the press that SCOTUS is likely to overturn Roe v. Wade. While many pro life advocates rejoiced, many pro choice people became enraged. Truly this is one of the most polarizing times in history. While I find that tragic, I do not believe this is an “agree to disagree” topic as it pertains to the scantity of human life. Clearly, I am pro life. While I don’t find Facebook arguments helpful, I hope we can have more honest in person conversations with people. Yet, I needed to pen out a rebuttal to arguments circulating on the internet.

I write this to the Christian who is pro life. As the theologian R. C. Sproul said, “If I know anything about the character of God after fifty years of study, I know that God hates abortion.” I write this to hopefully clarify the pro life stance and embolden you to converse respectfully and truthfully with people. I also write this to the pro choice people or those who are undecided. This is my argumentation against the claims made against pro life advocates.

Before I get into the internet arguments, it should be clarified that should Roe be overturned, it does not abolish abortion. Rather, it drops the federal jurisdiction of it and puts it back into the hands of the states. State government then creates laws around life and abortion. So the idea that overturning Roe only bans “safe” abortions is false. Plus, there is no such thing as a “safe” abortion. Not only does abortion always kill the baby, but multiple mothers have died from legal abortions. True healthcare shouldn’t kill.

There is a widely circulating post on social media that many pro choice people are sharing. I’d like to break down their arguments. I’ll share it in a screen shot below.

Pro Becky

My first question on this is what exactly is meant by “life sustaining organs”? Does that mean her baby doesn’t have a heartbeat? Technically, if the baby were to lose its heartbeat prior to 20 weeks, it would be a miscarriage. Post 20 weeks it would be a stillbirth. Both are tragic situations for the mother. But in that situation the baby died of natural causes. Removing the baby from the womb is not something that will ever be outlawed.

If, on the other hand, the baby has other organs missing that would cause it not to sustain life outside the womb, is it right to kill it prior to original delivery date? Is it right to rip the opportunity for “Becky” to see her child? Is it right to take away the baby’s life when through modern medicine and surgery there might be a potential for it to survive? Is it right to take away the parents opportunity to love their child or maybe only minutes or days and their right to give them a proper burial? Is it right to take a life we deem less than? I say no. This baby is still made in the image of God and should be able to live for as long or as short as it would naturally.

Pro Susan

Did you know that less than 1% of abortion are due to rape? Yet, this is one of the main talking points to the pro choice side. But I ask you, does origin justify murder? I don’t say that to sound un empathic towards these situations. I truly cannot imagine how hard this must be. But we do have to, regardless of the situation, bring back abortion to what it truly is: killing the unborn.

So what’s the solution here? I say support for the woman in this situation. So many pro life organizations offer counseling, helthcare, and help with adoption. It’s a strawman argument to say that pro lifers don’t care about the mothers. And for the rapist, the Bible calls for the death penalty for rape. While the death penalty another conversation for another time, I do align with the Bible. Or as I saw another pro life advocate write, “castration and life in prison.” Let’s up the penalties for the rapist, not the victim and innocent baby.

Pro Theresa

This, like the first situation with Becky, doesn’t give enough information. First question is how far along is the baby? Placental abruptions generally occur after 25 weeks, most often in the third trimester. A baby is able to live outside the womb with lots of help by 24 weeks. A simple Google search of this condition does not mention abortion as a treatment, but rather a C section. This argument is a logical fallacy called false dichotomy. You do not have to choose either mom or baby. They both, through medical intervention, can survive.

Pro Cathy

This is implying rape and perhaps incest. It’s truly horrible to think about. I cannot imagine someone doing this to my daughter especially at 11 years old. And yet, their argumentation once again falls short in this post. I do not intend at all to sound calloused in this blog, but when it cones to life and death, there is no room for the tone police. If she is able to get pregnant, her body is clearly developmental able to handle the pregnancy. That sounds horrific, yet in cultures and ages past, teenage girls were married abd having babies. It sounds so wrong to us, yet it is possible for her to physically be okay. I believe in that situation the girl needs all the love and support and help she can get. If a parent is able to raise the baby for her or she puts it up for adoption, that would be ideal. But damaging her further either physically or mentally from an abortion AND killing an innocent life because of the wickedness of another will not solve this problem.

Pro Melissa

I can’t imagine being impoverished and pregnant. Yet, does this child deserve to die because the father didn’t step up to the plate? No. The church should come around and support this mother if she is plugged into a local church.

This situation is more about the problem of fatherlessness. We say that men do not have a uterus so they have no right to talk about abortion. I call bull crap. We women are not asexual (in the biological sense of the word) and cannot impregnate ourselves. Men need to step up and be men. They need to provide for the women they impregnate and become men of honor. The baby should not lose its life because the father chooses to be a boy instead of a man. Men, we say we do not need you but we absolutely do. You are to just as much to blame for the mass slaughter of children through abortion. Stop playing games and grow up into the men, husbands, and fathers God called you to be.

Pro Brittany

People believe that pro lifers are simply pro birth. Yet, that is not the case. Pro life organizations provide health care, counseling, ministry, education, and physical needs to mothers and sometimes fathers too. In addition to that, they can help you find foster or adoptive care for your child. It is hard getting pregnant before you’re ready, but unless it is rape (again, which only accounts for less than 1% of abortions), you consented to sex. We know what the potential of sex is: getting pregnant. If you are not ready and are not willing to take the help available to you, abstinence is an amazing option.

I believe that we also gave this ideology that children take away from our lives. We wrongly view them as burdens and inconveniences. In actuality, children are a blessing and can add to our lives. If truly you cannot be an adequate mother, there are options for adoption. But children are a gift from the Lord and our inability to remember this is why we devalue their lives and take away their personhood in order to justify killing them.

Pro Emily

Last I checked, there has been successful sextuplets. Even if they are pre term, as we already established, babies can survive outside the womb as early as 24 weeks. This is not a valid argument for abortion.

Pro Christina

As I said with “Brittany,” we all know how babies are made. If you want to be sure your birth control does not fail, abstinence is a great option. There are so many wonderful parents who are eager to adopt babies. If you don’t want to be a mother, there is someone who has been aching to be a mother but is unable to herself. Your lack of desire for the child dies not justify its death.

Pro Jessica

I again cannot imagine how hard this situation must be. No one should be in an abusive relationship. But thankfully in this case, many courts rule in favor of the mothers. She should not have to share custody with him. His sins should be paid by him, not by the baby.

Pro Vanessa

So many moms know this heartache. Miscarriage is tragic. That’s exactly what this situation is. No law would ever punish a woman for giving her the care needed to help remove her baby who died. This is not the same as abortion. Abortion is willfully killing a live baby. Miscarriage is a baby naturally dying in the womb. The baby must be removed if it doesn’t on its own so the mom does not become septic. This is tragic and is not the same as the abortion that we advocate against.

Pro Lindsay

This is a similar talking point to the “Cathy” situation with the exception that “Lindsay” chose to have sex. We, teenagers included, know no birth control is perfect. This is a hard situation, but she, the father, and their parents should come together and support these teens and the child they created.

Will her life be over due to a teen pregnancy? Or will it be enriched by a wonderful new life? Again, our devaluation of children has cause this abortion epidemic.

Pro Courtney

This is a medically necessary abortion. Ectopic pregnancy are pregnancies in which the baby implanted in the wrong place. The baby cannot grow to term there. It wouldn’t survive. No law will outlaw this life saving procedure.

No, you are not pro life via these scenarios. This is not for the women. Will you be there to counsel her should she come to regret her decision? Will you help her if she has physical problems due to the abortion procedure? Or will you just encourage her to “shout her abortion” regardless of the impact on her. What if the baby in the womb is a woman? Are you only for some women and not others? Are you nor picking and choosing which women you advocate for? You say, “Women’s rights are meant to protect all women regardless of their situation,” but you don’t mean that. Or maybe you won’t protect some women because of their location.

I understand how harsh this may sound. But the truth about abortion murdering babies is harsh. This isn’t a time to mince words. That being said, I encourage you when you have these conversations, ideally in person, to be respectful and compassionate. We all are sinners and have fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23).

Lastly, to the women who have had abortions, we do not hate you! We want you to know that there is grace and forgiveness and healing for you. You need only seek it in Christ. Some churchs (not nearly enough in my opinion) have support groups for you. I encourage you to find a church who will help you and love you and guide you to Christ. We all desperately need Him.

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