Sweet Potato Quinoa Kale Salad

This warm trend in our cold Michigan weather had me thinking salad yesterday! Actually, that’s a lie. I was thinking more pancakes and pizza, but my almost, sort of mother in law asked me to bring a salad to the dinner we were having. I contemplated making a pizza salad, but the more I thought… Continue reading Sweet Potato Quinoa Kale Salad

If I Only Knew

We’ve all heard the horror stories of people with anorexia. Getting so thin their periods stop, they lose their hair, heart problems, death, so on. I remember knowing these things when I was highly restricting my caloric intake as a young teenager. I thought, “yeah, that isn’t good, but I’m not like that. I’m just… Continue reading If I Only Knew

I Am Not Enough.

Unknowingly, we begin shaping our opinions of ourselves from a very early age. A series of seemingly unimportant events and circumstances create the framework of how we view ourselves. My earliest memories of how I felt about myself were what we all now as adults aim for: pure confidence, almost to the point of conceit.… Continue reading I Am Not Enough.