James: Enmity With God

I always considered being against God to be a huge, grievous, outward act. It had to be something like blaspheme, sexual immorality, murder, hate, so on so forth. I believed this until last year when God convicted me of my friendship with the world. I, like everyone else, was outraged when I saw the video… Continue reading James: Enmity With God

Here is the Church

Remember that rhyme we all did with the hand motions as children? “Here is the church. Here is the steeple. Open the doors and where are the people?” As a youth who grew up in the church, that always shocked me a bit. I thought, “why wouldn’t people be in the church?” My parents tried… Continue reading Here is the Church

A Better Wife Because of the Best Husband

How dimentional is your god? If you serve money, it is purely a transactional dimention. If your god is status, you’re stuck with the admiration and acknowledgment of others. If you make your marriage your god, you could argue that it meets multiple needs, but, in essence, we marry because we recognize life with this… Continue reading A Better Wife Because of the Best Husband