Here is the Church

Remember that rhyme we all did with the hand motions as children? “Here is the church. Here is the steeple. Open the doors and where are the people?” As a youth who grew up in the church, that always shocked me a bit. I thought, “why wouldn’t people be in the church?” My parents tried… Continue reading Here is the Church

Radical Teachings

We live in a time where everyone strives to be politically correct. We walk on eggshells in order to not offend anyone. We twist the truth and bend our beliefs in order to fit culture’s mold. But God’s commands aren’t always politically correct. They’re firm and steadfast. They don’t sway with culture norms. Disciples are… Continue reading Radical Teachings

Radical Sharing of the Gospel

When I was young, I never understood the point of fancy serving wear. What was wrong with presenting dinner in my mom’s beloved, yet worn pots and pans? As I’ve grown, I realize while that 1980s something roasting pan was useful, it didn’t present prime rib well to special guests. The old pot used for… Continue reading Radical Sharing of the Gospel